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Ban Shan

for Computer-generated surround sound, visual interaction, Taiko and Vocal

Ban Shan — which in the Taiwanese (Hokkien) dialect means “play god” — is a story about a “Ba Jia Jiang”, a young medium who represents the bodyguard of a Taiwanese god.  He has a lucid dream after a temple fair one night in which he dances until he becomes a god. In order to create a temple fair scene, in which Ba Jia Jiang dance in arrays accompanied by the sounds of firecrackers and Taiwanese gongs, a surround sound version of this work was created.  

The composer grew up in an area of Tainan City (Taiwan) populated by temples. This surround sound version of Ban Shan invokes the atmosphere of traditional festivals in her hometown, which she hopes to share with the world.


Ban Shan - FUTREU VISION LAB Special Edition (Three Movements):

I. "Twilight"- Vocal
II. "Ban Shan" - Computer Generated Sound
III. "Hua Shen"- Taiko, Computer Generated Sound

Music Composition: Wuan-chin Li (Sandra Tavali)
Visual: WonderGym 
Taikoo: LIN Yen-Chun
Vocal: Chi-han Chen

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